Something dodgy about this mast

IN REGARDS to the recent erection of a mobile phone mast in Parkstone Road.

Is it just me, or is something fishy going on?

It strikes me as very odd that the council would send a refusal letter to the mobile phone company three days before the eight-week deadline ends, via snail mail over a Bank Holiday weekend, then the phone company claims it never had official refusal.

Anyone with some common sense would have sent the refusal letter at least a week in advance, and, being of such importance at least send it recorded delivery, if not special delivery.

Or was it done on purpose?

I find it unbelievable that a government body such as the local council is ‘powerless’ to order the mobile phone company to remove the mast, when it has the powers to compulsory purchase people’s homes when it suits it.

If the mobile phone company can put the mast up without any sort of permission, then surely it can be taken down again without such permission.

It seems to me that there is a massive loophole in the planning system or is it designed that way to allow these companies to do what they want?

Before anyone retorts and asks if I have a mobile phone, my answer is yes, I do, so you can call me a hypocrite or a NIMBYist if you like, but I am quite frankly disgusted that these companies are allowed to get away with it.


Lynwood Close

St Leonards