So would you rather they sat at home..?

AFTER reading Margaret Winchester’s derogatory comments concerning the Ore Stage Festival, I had to express my disagreement.

I was at the festival on June 9 and cannot believe that Margaret Winchester and I where watching the same show. I saw nothing offensive in any of the routines and the children all seemed to enjoy the dressing up and attention they received.

Yes, gold, silver and bronze were awarded in the under 6 category, but every child on stage received a medal and warm congratulations from the adjudicator. There was not a tear to be seen and each child left the stage happily clutching her own medal. There was only one child who withdrew (no reason given) but that was in the age 12-13 group. All the mothers whom I saw were there to support their child in something that they obviously enjoyed doing.

Perhaps the said lady instead of seeing these children involved in a healthy physical activity would prefer that they were sitting at home playing computer games.


West Hill Road