So much cause for anxiety

Councillor Street’s letter (Observer, April 10) simply underlines the fact that even some Hastings borough councillors don’t know what exactly they have agreed to in approving the council’s plans for the country park visitor centre.

It is more than a little ironical that he says objectors should ‘check their information about the plans before writing to the Observer’, when it is he who needs to check his information.

He says that the building ‘will only operate from 9am to 5pm’, but in fact the Planning, Design and Access Statement page 20 paragraph 4.15 refers to the centre being ‘used by community groups when the visitor centre is closed to the public’ and states that ‘The increased use of the centre during out of office hours will increase footfall through the park during the evening’.

In addition, the peport to the Planning Committee dated March 4 explicitly states that the hours of opening will be limited to 9am-5pm only ‘until such time as more specific plans have been identified’.

He says the centre will not have a cafe or an open air theatre, weddings or parties.

I wonder, then, how he can explain the fact that Appendix 4 of the Planning, Design and Access Statement has a paragraph headed ‘The Centre’s cafe and activities’ and contains the very words: ‘everyone envisioning an open air theatre, weddings and parties’.

It is precisely because some of the councillors have clearly rubber-stamped the proposals, without being fully aware of their contents, that there is so much cause for anxiety about the future of the country park.

Elaine Luke

The Close