So-called ‘mess’ is a sign of hard workers

I AM writing to ask if Richard Scott really knows what he is talking about.

Firstly I believe anyone has a right to be annoyed; a monstrosity such as the Jerwood Gallery has been put where it is and if people voice that concern to the Jerwood Foundation they have every right.

If you want my opinion, I think it was put in the wrong place with way too much spent on it, which could have easily been spent on other areas of this town. As for the mess around the boats on the beach well, let me tell you, this is a working beach that has real boats that go and catch fish in their nets and try to make a living.

These people were here a long time before the Jerwood and have used the beach to go to sea and do a hard day’s graft, normally before most of us have even woken from our sleep, so if you want a clean beach go to the other side of the harbour and sit there.

I have family on the beach who fish for a living and they and their fishing fraternity are being squeezed by the Government and the Euro cowboys, so probably won’t be there in a few years, then I’m sure you, and others like you, will be happy. So a tradition and a lot of livelihoods will be gone, so you can walk along an extra bit of beach and sit in the over-priced gallery café and look out to the sea.


Battle Road

St Leonards