Sky’s the limit after demolition

MANY years ago I used to live in Ashburnham Road just above Godwin Road and remember a Mr Kent building his bungalow on the corner plot of land.

This as I can remember was built on the proviso that it didn’t exceed a certain height as it would restrict the views of the Old Town, hence the roof shape, so I can’t believe that somebody wants to demolish it and put a taller building there.

I see a petition was organised and was signed by many people, but was ignored. So much for democracy.

It seems to me that when councillors are in power so long as some of ours it breeds contempt and arrogance. What makes it even worse is that our head of planning wasn’t even born here.

I personally wouldn’t have the cheek to move to another town and tell them what and where to build. Under 30 per cent of people bother to vote so now we can see why.


Greville Road