Site is let down by building

WHILE the idea of building student accommodation on a ‘brownfield’ site close to Sussex Coast College is excellent, the same cannot be said of the building itself.

If the picture shown in the Observer (March 21) is of the actual design for this new student residence and not for a prison block, one can only hope that the Planning Committee laugh it out of court.

The building pictured looks like one of those sad blocks of ‘workers’ flats’ erected in the thousands by the old Soviet Union across Eastern Europe and Russia post WWII. That part of the world is still disfigured by too many such architectural horrors; we certainly don’t need to replicate the worst of Communist architecture in Hastings! Or is there a political agenda here about which we have not been told?

Certainly this proposed block will rival the unrelieved towering brutalism of Queensbury House, opposite Hastings Station. It will also compete for the Ugliest Building in Hastings award with such other town centre monstrosities as Aquila House, the Telephone Exchange and the Poundstretcher block.

Surely the students deserve better? In the 21st century Hastings Borough Council must be brave enough to insist on a building that graces the town rather than disgraces it? Do we want visitors exiting Hastings Station to think they have arrived at a Third World town?

Come on councillors: throw this plan out with the condemnation it deserves and demand that Hastings gets a building that enhances our historic town, not another monstrous carbuncle.


The Ridge