Singer saddened by lack of publicity

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I FEEL I have to write to express my disappointment at the coverage of events on Tuesday, July 17.

I sing with the Hastings Philharmonic Choir and we were asked to perform on The Stade.

After the cauldron was lit on the stage, there was no immediate announcement that we were about to perform, and the crowd started to drift off.

By the time we were announced and ushered onto the stage, the crowd had dwindled.

Some of my family and friends did not have tickets, so decided to watch on the big screen in Pelham car park, only to find that when we sang, there was no sound and they were playing pop music.

There was absolutely no mention of us on either TV channel and, to top it all, not a mention in your paper among all the reports. It seemed we might as well have not been there.

This is my personal opinion, but I suspect there will be other members of the choir who feel the same way.

So much for encouraging and promoting local talent.


Clarendon Close

St Leonards