Silver lining has a cloud

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I DO wish puffs for new convenience stores (Observer, April 12) would not speak of job creation.

These stores have employees, yes, but at the expense of nearby local shops, usually family-run, which will be unable to cope and will, sadly, close.

The trouble is that planning law gives local planners some say in what premises can be used for but no control over who operates the place.

I pray that no supermarket ever decides to open in Queen’s Arcade. Gary the butcher there himself shoots, skins and butchers deer to provide excellent venison.

It is not cheap but it is of such fine, fresh quality that it is worth every penny. He also sells local chicken and rabbit. For something more unusual, you can buy ostrich, kangaroo and crocodile burgers too.

Paul the fishmonger and Dave the greengrocer don’t actually catch fish or grow vegetables but their produce is equally fresh, varied and locally sourced where possible.

A convenience store in the arcade could sell cheaper goods in theory but it would certainly not create jobs.


The Bourne