Show a little leeway

How sad to read the letter from Sue Funnell (Observer, August 29).

Friends Unlimited is a wonderful group who put their considerable musical talents to such good use.

They have, (and I hope will continue) to sing at venues all over the area helping small local charities raise much-needed funds. These are charities not widely known by the public at large.

By using and attracting people to the museum, not one of the best attended venues in the town, and by allowing groups and charities (with care) to forego a hire charge, more people may surely be attracted to the venue.

One wonders, how much will actually arrive in the Town Hall coffers, with VAT, administration etc, most likely reducing the revenue to a rather small amount.

I wonder how much it would have cost the publicity department to guarantee, that particular number of visitors to visit the museum on a very rainy Bank Holiday Saturday morning.

I am secretary of SAFE one of the many charities helped by Friends Unlimited.

Come on Hastings Borough Council, show a little leeway, or maybe take the money from the publicity department budget.

Cath Burrows

Upper Maze Hill

St Leonards