Short story provided some amusement

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THANK you, Observer, for that delightful little story you included last week which was chosen as the best piece for the Short Fuse Writing Evening at the Jenny Lind.

The amusing story of the Christmas turkey made me smile in among the gloom and sadness of the region and it is always a lovely surprise to come across creative pieces written by local people.

I am impressed with your paper and what a great idea to promote the “I love Hastings campaign” with an example of work by a local man.

I am one of the people who have recently moved to the area - yes it is true that I’ve chosen to locate here and in my experience I am not the only one.

I picked Hastings and St Leonards not only because of its close proximity to beautiful countryside, stunning coastline, quaint villages, historic buildings and stunning architecture but because the town is full of artists.

I see writers, painters, playwrights, singers, dancers, song-writers, poets, artisans making jewellery, wooden objects, sculptures and I find it very refreshing living within such a creative community.

I’ve lived in London most of my life where there is every conceivable outlet for the arts but what I like about this area is that the art is more inclusive, approachable and tactile and the folk of Hastings should be proud of this.

I find it quite frustrating that some people write into your paper and ask if you are “having a laugh” or “are you on crack” simply because you are trying to celebrate local life.

For the New Year ahead I am looking forward to reading more short stories and reports and reviews of this unique Hastings community which, in my view, raises the standards of local newspaper reporting.


Fearon Road