Shopper refuses to use supermarkets

DAVE Edwards wrote two weeks ago about the bad junction at Silverhill where the council has done its best (or worst) to allow access by car to Asda.

Let’s say some more such stores, call them Asbo, Tosco, Sinsbury, Mortison, Didl, and Twitrose, also want to be in Hastings.

No doubt the council would welcome them and trumpet that they bring jobs here. Fiddlesticks.

What happens is that lots of small businesses, often family-run, cannot compete and close.

So the net effect is many lost livelihoods.

I refuse to use supermarkets.

I like the exercise of walking to local shops and the chance to chat to Carol, Bill, Stephen, Steve, Nicky, Sheila, Dee, Gary, Jackie and Jay who work therein.

Yes, I cannot get my car anywhere near, I pay more and I have to hump my goods home.

However if more of us would support the neighbourhood shops and boycott the big stores, it would be a great boost for the local community.


Swan Terrace