‘Shoebox pile’ is simply ugly

OF course it is great to see regeneration projects coming to our town and no one would argue that they are not desperately needed.

It is also pleasing to note that Hastings is expanding as a centre of learning and let’s hope that some of our home-grown young people will be able to take advantage of university courses that will really stand them in good stead for the future.

Your article in the Observer (March 21) quite rightly accentuates the positive benefits of a further 1,500 students coming to Hastings for their education and there are many. However, to describe the artist’s impression of the proposed ‘student village’ as ‘state-of-the-art’ is surely way off the mark? The concrete shoebox pile depicted on your front page is hardly a thing of beauty and will just add to the featureless concrete jungle that is being created around the station area.

Why can’t we restore and use the buildings that have been abandoned in the town? The Observer Building or the much missed General Post Office? And then there is the Library building which displays amazing architectural features and which apparently soon will be available.

I can only hope that our Planning Board will look beyond the economic benefits and demand something better than a giant “Waffle with Rectangles.”


All Saints Street