Shock at planning meeting experience

HAVING just attended my first planning meeting I returned home in total shock of the unreal experience.

While being realistic in the development of the car park behind Linley Drive, I had the expectation that all the concerns raised by the neighbours would be addressed.

Most of us would have been more agreeable to bungalows to follow on from Beverley Walk due to them being lower in height, less people occupying and less parking/traffic.

The meeting began and then at least four councillors expressed their concerns re: road safety and the narrow access ramp, I thought well at least this huge concern of ours would be discussed and dealt with, but no.

Highways were not in attendance (which if I heard the man correctly is normal).

So you would think they would defer approval/decision pending more details - but no, we just seemed to waffle a bit about it being a road (not very big) that belongs to AmicusHorizon, so constraints would be expensive to impose but we could put in a few double yellow lines and parents with buggies can always walk down the road (the one that is too narrow) as the footpath is also narrow. Then we vote and its passed.

When someone gets run over (probably a child) the parents will have someone to take issue with.


Linley Drive