‘Sheer goodness’ of so many folk

JUST before Christmas my dad died following a long period of illness.

For the last two and a half years he was quadraplegic and confined to his bed, cared for at home by my mum.

This was obviously a difficult situation for them both but one that they managed with love, courage and determination.

It would not have been possible without the help of so many family, friends, medical, care and other professionals.

My eyes have been opened to the sheer goodness of so many people. I have met some amazing people who, although paid to do a job, have done it with such care, love and commitment, that it is clearly more than just a job that they are carrying out.

Frontline carers and medical staff and also people at the end of a telephone and providing support in a number of ways all contribute to making a difficult situation a little easier. Often these people are receiving a low wage and get little recognition for the work they do. There are also large numbers of people carrying out vital work voluntarily.

It is difficult to name every person and organisation involved but I would particularly like to thank all involved with the following organisations:

The Conquest Hospital (particularly Baird and Wellington Wards, Speech Therapy, A&E, Medical Assessment and Chaplaincy)

St Michael’s Hospice (and Hospice at Home)

The Ambulance Service

A1 Carers


District Nurses

Parkinsons Support Group

Silver Springs Surgery

Arthur C. Towner


Bluebell Gardens

St Leonards