She us grit in face of forecast

TO DATE the request I have made to highways councillors and local housing association has fallen on deaf ears, so I will once again try.

We have over the past few weeks been warned of a severe early winter. Can I ask where are the salt/grit bins? I have struggled to get on Broomgrove for ages now, there are still none.

Residents who do work on Broomgrove need to get uphill and downhill, so do the buses all in safety.

Last winter Stagecoach, yes the local bus people, came out to salt Broomgrove hills and bus routes. Is it being left in hope Stagecoach rescue the situation again?

So Highways and others get yout fingers out now and get the bins on the estate now and of course filled up. If no bin, the giant builder bags will do, we have been warned.


Malvern Way