Share offer is very tempting

AS I get up so early in the mornings I always listen to the radio in our quiet room and my ears pricked up when I heard the fact that Hastings Pier is on track, although a long way to go, to get back into use.

I have also registered my interest in the share offer. My paternal grandparents lived in St Leonards in North Street and had a newspaper shop at the same address and I used to spend many months with them helping granddad with sorting the papers for delivery and serving behind the counter.

I go back to the 1950s when I was a small child until my grandfather died when I was 14 years old. Nana then sold the business. Legal rules did not apply back then as now, so even standing on a stool I could sell customers with their tobacco and cigarettes, unlike today.

I have very many happy memories of Hastings and St Leonards and surrounding area as I explored a great deal and myself and hubby have returned several times since for a few days stay, with my knowledge of the area my hubby has become quite passionate about it too.

I remember going down to Hastings shore early mornings and talking to the fishermen as they brought in their catch, watching them repairing their nets and listening to their many stories of harrowing times at sea.

I loved these old men and the rugged way they were, I loved scaling the cliffs (yes, we kids could then), going to White Rock baths, Bottle Alley, Victoria Square listening to the bands with granddad, he was a cavalry man so our walks were of the rather brisk kind and I was not to speak unless spoken to, back straight or else a shape tap on my shoulder with his cane.

I may buy shares into Hastings Pier Charity/Trust when I know more. So what if it is just sentimental reasons, I loved it and would so hope that it can be used once more to entertain people and give joy as I remember. I live a long way away, always have done but Hastings is always in my heart.