Shameful waste

YOUR report headed ‘Job cuts on the cards as council loses £15m‘, in the Observer (December 21), came as little surprise.

Hastings has played the ‘deprived’ card for years, Michael Foster MP was good at it, helping win big money to develop the town.

Recent loss of the ‘Transition Grant for economically deprived areas’ is understandable but how an Efficiency Support Grant can be won is unclear.

Sacrificing £150,000 revenues from car and coach parking at the Stade each year doesn’t help, nor losing millions of tourist trade income. Paying £500,000pa for management of White Rock Theatre doesn‘t help either.

Now that the gravy train has hit the buffers what’s been achieved? A town centre of offices to let and a countryside scarred by new roads and killed off by industrial parks unlikely to repay the investment.

Amber Rudd MP points out Hastings receives the ninth highest (out of 326) per dwelling grant of all local authorities. This is a shameful performance after so much has been spent.


Redwell Avenue