Shame the streets were too narrow

I WRITE in support of the comments in the letter from Michael Gillah (Observer, May 6).

I was very disappointed to find that the Jack-in-the-Green route had been changed, so much so that it felt like just an Old Town event.

The streets in the route were too narrow (and too steep) to enable many people to see the dancers - a huge shame.

One of the attractions of May Day in Hastings for me has always been the unlikely mix of bikers and Morris dancers, particularly as the dancers crossed to Wellington Square, holding up the bikes.

It was a lovely sight as the bikers joined in as the dancers crossed, some of the ladies’ groups dancing through the bikes.

I don’t know whose mistaken decision it was to change all this, but I hope it’s reversed for next year.

A change that I have long thought necessary, and many others too, is to close the seafront to cars and lorries during the peak of the activities, say noon to 3pm.

This would make it safer for all and enable all the bystanders to see what they came to our town to see - the thousands of bikes and all the Morris dancers.


Bulverhythe Road

St Leonards