Shades-wearing mayor ‘looked like she was going shopping’

I HAVE attended the Hastings Remembrance service every year for the last 15 years through rain, wind and sunny days.

Yet again, it was inspiring to see so many people turn out to commemorate and remember our fallen heroes.

The pipe band, led the procession, and was in fine tune. Everyone in uniform looked very smart and should be proud to be part of such an impressive parade. The guns were precisely timed.

The war memorial, draped in the colours of the flags, was something to be in awe of.

Then, the service. Where was the music? The dean did his best to sing the tune, however, I was appalled that our town, so rich in talent, could not provide a pianist or choir to sing along to. In previous years, there has been music played live and extremely well, why not this year?

It was disappointing the organisers overlooked this vital part of the service. There are singing groups and musicians who would gladly give their time to play for the occasion. Singing God Save the Queen to a backing track seemed very insincere.

When laying the wreaths, every section was represented by people in full service uniform, except, the Mayor of Hastings.

Was there a reason she was not wearing the formal mayoral dress code?

She was wearing sunglasses and looked like she was going shopping.

Does she have no aide to tell her, that it was not the place for that type of drabby attire? It is a shame that such a figurehead in the town did not turn up in the formal mayoral robes. Again, disappointed.

I hope future mayors of Hastings do not take any fashion ideas from her book, which has not improved since she took over as mayor.

Such a public figure as Mayor of the town, should show some reverence for the position and be proud to turn up to civic/official events of this importance, in full formal regalia like everyone else, not just the bling.

May the memories of our fallen and the true spirit of Hastings be forever with us.


Brownbread Street


Kevin Boorman, the council’s head of communications and marketing, replied: “I thought that the Remembrance Service was an excellent memorial to those who had fallen, and attended by bigger crowds than ever.

“We did use a recording of a band this year for the national anthem, rather than a keyboard player, and I’m sorry that your letter writer felt this was not appropriate.

“The wearing of robes is a personal matter - the deputy mayor did wear his, and Cllr Kim Forward looked extremely smart. I think personal criticism of this kind is quite unnecessary, particularly given the occasion.

“I, and many, many other people, enjoyed the service, and felt proud that the town was able to mark the occasion in the way it did.”