Sex venue is a big turn-off

I WAS bemused by your article and editorial regarding the licensing application for a sex entertainment venue on Hastings seafront (Observer, April 5).

According to the article, the council has received 125 objections in relation to the application, of which 20 have been rejected.

And yet it is details of one or two of the 20 rejected letters that form the main thrust of your editorial, calling the arguments they contain ‘bizarre’ and ‘far-fetched’.

Surely councillors are likely to find the ‘material reasons why this kind of establishment cannot be allowed to open’, and you will find ‘the facts’ you seek, in the 100 plus letters that haven’t been rejected?

The proposed site for this club is a key location for Hastings. The America Ground and White Rock links the new town with the seafront, it links Hastings and St Leonards, it is a main tourist route through the town and towards the soon-to-be-rebuilt pier, and it is highly visible.

Do we really want this sort of establishment, however discreet and professional, in such a prominent position? What will it say about our town?

Local businesses have worked hard and invested heavily in recent years to improve the area, building on its fantastic history and architecture, and attracting visitors to the town. Why is it fair to allow them - independent retailers, cafes and hotels - to be blighted by this club’s presence? Because, although councillors may not be able to refuse an application on moral grounds alone, the fact that many people will find it distasteful to shop, relax or stay in such close proximity to a strip club will surely have a material impact on those businesses, and on those local people and visitors coming to enjoy the newly revitalised area and pier.

I hope that our council representatives will stand up for local businesses and local people when they make their decision, and maintain the positive momentum that is making Hastings a better and better place to live.


Cobourg Place