Serving up free school meals

I READ with great interest your article “MP welcomes additional funds for Hastings schools” in last week’s Observer about the doubling of the sums being sent by the Government to help schools with children who are from low income families.

The measure used for this is whether they are eligible for free school meals.

It is of course the schools that get the money to assist with whatever they choose to spend the money on to help with children’s education.

I feel however that I must correct you on one point which is that of the relevance of free school meals.

The free school meals is only the measure of how much additional funds the school receives, it has nothing to do with the actual provision of school meals which your article incorrectly suggested.

This is a really welcome development and testament to the Government’s commitment to help the poorest.

Some primary schools in Hastings have more than 50 per cent of students on free school meals and this additional funding will provide substantial additional financial support to our local schools and students.


Hillside Road