Selfish person lights bonfire

I DON’T know if anyone shares my views, but here we are at 4.30pm on a beautiful sunny warm afternoon, and once again, some really selfish thoughtless person has decided that this would be the perfect time to have yet another garden rubbish bonfire, which has been burning now for several hours. This is always the same person by the way.

Not a thought for the people who have gone to work and left washing on the line and windows open to air the house. Or for those that might just want to sit outside in their garden and enjoy the beauty of such a lovely day.

I really think it’s about time there was a law introduced to stop this invasive anti-social pastime and restrict bonfires to a later time of day, say after 7pm when most people will not have a problem with it. I live in a highly populated urban area, not in the middle of the country and I find this behaviour so unpleasant. Also, there are places to take garden rubbish without having to burn it in your garden. Landfill sites are available, which we always use.

I have spoken to the council, but unless enough people complain, nothing can be done even though the person I spoke to was in total agreement with me.


Saxon Road