Seagulls are used as scapegoats

I WAS very angry after reading your article about rubbish and seagulls. Lets stop blaming the gulls and put the blame where it belongs, namely Hastings Borough Council.

If rubbish was collected weekly there would not be piles of smelly black sacks littering our streets. Instead of complaining about our sea birds they should be more worried about the colonies of breeding rats.

Instead of paying out for expensive super strong sacks why not spend the money on clearing away the unsightly rubbish quickly and efficiently? The seafront bins are quite small so need emptying daily during the summer season and perhaps the council could provide larger ones to cope with the ever increasing problem of take-away fast food containers.

So please stop blaming animals for our mess, it is natural for them to scavenge for food but it is our duty to clear up our town.


Battery Hill