Seafront proms used to be a pleasure

BACK in the 1950/60s if you rode your bicycle on the foot path you would get a good telling off from the local bobby.

Today councils seem obsessed with mixing cyclist with pedestrians. Promenades used to be a pleasure to walk along, not any more unless you walk single file.

If you are in a group and come upon people coming towards you step into the cycle lane at your peril! Too many travel along as though they are on the Tour de France, many don’t have a bell or fail to use them.

Young children and the elderly are at a greater risk of being injured. I have witnessed a small child being knocked over because she ran away from her mother’s side, that’s what children do on the promenade.

I am not opposed to cycle paths but they need to be at least five metres away from any walkway. As this is not possible in Hastings speed restrictions need to be introduced before somebody is seriously injured.


Celandine Drive

St Leonards