Seafood and wine festival a rip off

HAVING attended the Seafood and Wine Festival I feel compelled to write and advise my feelings/thoughts on the event.

I have lived in Hastings most of my life and enjoy many aspects of the town including the fantastic events we stage such as May Day, Old Town Carnival week etc.

I left the seafood and wine event feeling totally ripped off and disappointed about an event that should put Hastings on the map as one of the best events nationally.

Aside from the small number of seafood stalls the pricing was much too high and more importantly the quality of much of the food was sub-standard.

Maybe in future vendors should be vetted for quality and a food inspector appointed to close down stalls that do not live up to expectation?

I shall no longer promote nor encourage others to attend this event in fear of the embarrassment of them attending.

I shall also do as I did this year, eat in a local restaurant and go to the marquee to enjoy the music and local beers but I have no intention of attending the ‘main’ event again.


Stonestile Lane