Scooterist looked at wrong green man

USING my mobility scooter on Wednesday (August 1) I crossed over both junctions (Sedlescombe Road North/South and Battle Road) at Silverhill to Asda.

Everything was fine until the last pedestrian puffin crossing with the bus lane. I glanced at the pole to see the green man clearly and continued onward.

A car horn sounded and braked hard to my left as I continued on my way sure it was an error of the traffic signals. However some time later when my friend joined me I was horrified at my mistake.

The crossing signal I had looked at was the one already crossed and not the one ahead of me.

The signals are the modern ones which display only on one pole side, unlike others in and around town.

So Wednesday driver thank you for your quick reaction and warning to other road users. Talking to my friends it appears that I may not be the only person to have made this mistake?

Rest assured I am just grateful to be here never to make the same mistake.


Royal Terrace

Terrace Road

St Leonards