School’s uniform policy should be more specific on trousers

MY 14-year-old daughter who goes to St Leonards Academy, has also been told off for wearing the wrong type of trousers, as they do not have a pleat down the front of them. I have spent £30 on two new pairs of trousers for her and have now been told it is not the school’s problem and I need to go and buy more.

If the school uniform policy stated that school trousers must be a certain type, i.e., with a pleat down the front, then this is what I would have bought for her. They are very specific with the uniform skirt, which is fine but all the policy says is black trousers.

I have three children that all needed new school uniform, which as you can imagine has cost me a fair bit. Needless to say I am not very happy about this situation, I feel that surely it is more important that the children are actually in school and wanting to learn and not being told off about trousers not being correct. If they want to be this pathetic then they need to be more specific in their school uniform policy and not punish the children for their mistake.

Mrs S Cooper

Highlea Close

St Leonards