School has a 
‘can do’ attitude

CHRIST Church CE (Aided) Primary School opened at 10am on Monday, January 21 and should have been included in the list of schools overcoming the weather on that day.

The late opening enabled the basic access routes to the school to be cleared of ice and gritted; our staff starting work on this well before dawn. If the upper section of Woodland Vale Road, including pavements, were added to the council’s gritting programme we would have been able to open at the normal time.

On the previous Friday we remained open until the normal closing time and then for a further two hours until all parents had been able to collect children. We are clear that this fundamental duty of care is not weather dependent; I’m sure this applies to all primary schools. What was deemed prudent was to postpone an evening theatrical performance as we couldn’t guarantee that key actors would be available!

We share the view that we need to be bringing children up in the spirit that problems are there to be overcome and that having ‘good excuses’ doesn’t get the job done.

Snow isn’t the only problem and a ‘can do’ attitude is an important life skill. We are proud that our teachers and other staff, some of whom live well out in the country, set a proper example to our children and in turn we are delighted by the conduct and enthusiasm of our children.


Chairman of Governors

Christ Church C of E (Aided) Primary School and Nursery