Sandown Primary is “now in safe hands”

SANDOWN Primary School has had a turbulent few years, our SATs results have been disappointing, our league positions in Hastings and St Leonards and nationally are also disappointing - add to that the awful Ofsted report and you would think that Sandown was a school on its knees.

However, we have a new headteacher, Charlie Lindsay, who arrived after Easter full of ideas, drive, energy and positivity. He has brought a smile back to the staff, parents and children.

After our last head left, Sandown had a series of acting heads who steadied the ship and provided stability, but not leadership, which Sandown desperately needed.

Mr Lindsay has recognised that the key to improving the school is by getting the parents on-side.

He has made himself and his deputy, Matt Jarvis, available to talk to parents everyday outside the school gates.

We also have several Facebook pages set up for parents to discuss school matters or for staff to inform parents of events coming up in the school calendar, or more recently to tell parents that sports day had been cancelled because of bad weather.

Parents are also encouraged to come along on a Friday to assemblies were children who have worked well that week, been kind to others or made a special effort throughout the week are brought up on stage and are given an Oscar statue in recognition of their achievement.

The children are beginning to enjoy themselves again, and look forward to going to school every day.

My fourth child will be starting Sandown in September, and I was in the audience of new parents when Mr Lindsay stood up and made a speech welcoming the newcomers.

He addressed the issue of the dreadful Ofsted report and announced that Sandown will be back where it should be in two years’ time.

That was a very bold statement, but said with confidence and I for one believe he can do it.

If he carries on as he has started and with the support of parents, I believe Sandown will be the school to go to and the waiting list will be very long indeed in no time at all.

I believe Sandown Primary School is now in safe and capable hands.


Austen Way