Safety report is invaluable

ONE of the things I love about my home town is the number of people who commit so much of their time and energy to making Hastings a better, safer place.

There are so many people who just ‘get on with’ improving the community in the background, not seeking glory for themselves, and Mark Roberts is one such person.

Mark is a parent whose children attend Sandown Primary School and, after becoming concerned for their safety and the safety of their schoolmates, has invested countless hours in researching what can be done to improve road safety outside the school and campaigning to see it happen.

His report has been an invaluable part of our Safely to School campaign, which last week attracted Shadow Roads Minister Richard Burden MP to Hastings as we seek to persuade Conservative-led East Sussex County Council not to put budget cuts above children’s lives.

Like many parents and teachers, Mark’s concern about child road safety is evident through his hard work to make a difference, and it is local people such as this, who care deeply about our community, that make Hastings such an incredible place to live.

To join me, Mark and hundreds of others in campaigning for improved and sustained road safety around our schools, sign our Safely to School petition at, and please get in touch if you think your school would benefit from being part of the campaign.


Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Hastings and Rye