Saddened by residents’ worries

It is good to see activity taking place on the site of the Old Hastings College at long last, hopefully leading to a modified but suitable redevelopment for many to live in and enjoy our beautiful St Leonards.

However, I was saddened to learn that some local residents were worried that the value of their property would be lowered because the plans include social housing.

So many people, through no fault of their own, need a place to live but cannot compete with today’s market.

In the past people have been housed in estates and some of the residents have given them a bad name and others, who just want to get on with a quiet family life, have been given a bad name.

As a society surely those who are fortunate enough to own property should be glad to contribute to those less fortunate and welcome them and want to see them blessed as they have been.

Having small sections of social housing spread among new developments is an excellent way of ending the ghetto system of the past.

Although I am not convinced that all the objections we raised about the original plans have been met,

I look forward to the completion of the project and trust many will find happiness in their new homes.

Shirley Green,

Quarry Hill