Sad end for baby gulls

WE all know that seagulls are now a protected species, and for those people who can’t stand them, I suggest that they move to one of our overcrowded and smog-filled cities.

It has been a pleasure for most of the residents in this road, to watch a mother lay her eggs and then for three babies to hatch out one at a time, during the last three weeks.

Residents here have kept them well supplied with food.

The amazing thing is that regardless of the awful wind and rain we have been having, they have all survived, until the early hours of Saturday, when in the space of half an hour, between 12.45am and 1.15am all three babies vanished from the nest, even though mum and dad were in attendance to protect them.

Is there a member of the public or someone from Mallydams who could tell what predator could have done this deed?

So sad for the parents who have worked so hard to protect their young, and who now cannot be consoled.

This is upsetting for those following the growth of these young and bewildering trying to fathom out how something to all three could happen so fast.

Quite bewildering in fact.


Fir Tree Road