Sad about the loss of these buildings

AS Hastings born and bred I am greatly saddened at the loss of so many buildings that gave Hastings its unique character and flavour.

The attractive arch that divided the elite of Burtons’ St Leonards from the peasants of Hastings, the wonderful Olympic-sized swimming pool where I learned the Australian crawl, the beneficial massage and Turkish baths I enjoyed at White Rock, the popular dances on the pier where I met my first love and the impressive Victoria and Albert memorial, both burnt down by vandals, never caught by the disinterested police.

There is also the unique cricket ground left in perpetuity to the people of Hastings to enjoy, yet sold on for greed to make a concrete shopping mall. The iconic Bottle Alley made by the greatest civil engineer Hastings ever had, Sidney Little, the concrete sorely needs attention if we are to preserve at least one of the unique features of this town, or will this go the way of all the others?


The Ridge

St Leonards