Rules result in lost revenue

I CAN help Keith Leech with the query contained within his letter, Entrance Fees, in last week’s Observer.

Hastings Borough Council entered into a covenant with Galerium Establishment, an independent legal entity registered in Liechtenstein of Heiligkreuz 6, P O Box 129, FL-9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein – a tentacle of Jerwood to you and me.

SCHEDULE 1 of The Council’s Covenant agrees:

“To keep use and maintain the Open Space only as an open space for the use of the public and not to use the Open Space other than as open space for the use of the public but this covenant shall not prevent the exercise by the council of its powers under the Local Government Act 1972 Sections 144 or 145 in respect of the Open Space.”

Readers may be interested to note that observance of this covenant costs council taxpayers of Hastings and St Leonards at least £130,000 in lost car and coach parking revenue every year – just think what that money could provide in these cash-strapped times!

There’s more in this covenant – in it the council indemnifies the Jerwood Gallery, (which got the site for nothing) from ever paying commercial rates or anything that replaces business rates. The covenant can be read in full - or ask the council for a copy under the Freedom of Information Act.


Braybrooke Road