Rubbish was strewn across West Hill

I AND others would like to draw your attention to the fact that an enormous amount of rubbish was left on the West Hill after the Jack-in-the-Green event.

We enjoyed the event and the calm atmosphere tremendously and the organisation was fantastic but it was so sad to see that the rubbish was still not cleared up in the same evening or even by the following morning when we walked the dogs.

During the night the rubbish was then strewn around by the wind, foxes and seagulls which must have given an awful impression of one of Hastings’ fantastic beauty spots to the large groups of language students I saw there the next morning. It was all cleared up perfectly by the end of Tuesday.

I am sure the council has done its best to plan but we do have some suggestions for next year. The existing litter bins were clearly not enough – they were all overflowing and large numbers of additional full carrier bags were left by them by the next morning where people had tried their best to be environmentally aware.

Perhaps the council could plan for next year and ensure there are two or three ziplocked skips provided for people to use. Why not hire the contractors to start on the same evening of Jack-in-the-Green before the rubbish, bottles, bags and food are strewn around further?

Plynlimmon Road also suffered as rubbish was still rolling around down the street on Tuesday and was particularly horrifying at the litter bin outside the Premier shop to which people had been redirected by the festival organisers for ice creams as there was such a large queue at the site.

The event is growing larger so please could the council waste department ensure planning is in place next year to cope with the extra demands and not leave the area looking like Pebsham rubbish tip!


Vicarage Road