Royal family brings in a lot of money

I SEE yet again someone has been moaning about the royal family sponging off the state and wishing for an end to the hereditary monarch.

Yet the royal family brings in an enormous income to the country, from the Crown Estate, from which all profits are paid into the Treasury. Last year profits were £230.9 million.

All the lands belonging to the monarch, since 1066 and before, were handed over to the Government by George III in the 18th century in return for an annual income, but still remained the properly of the monarch.

Under new regulations, the Queen is to receive 15 per cent of the annual profits in the near future. According to the Crown Estate website, profits are expected to increase by £200 million over the next 20 years. Seems to me the state is sponging off the Royal Family.

Her Majesty is descended from the ancient royal house of Wessex, through the daughter of King Edmund II Ironside 1016, Princess Margaret, who married King Malcolm III of Scotland, king from 1058 to 1093, and thence to James VI of Scotland and I of England, king from 1603 to 1625.

His daughter Elizabeth married the King of Bohemia, their grandson was chosen, being a protestant as King George I of England, from 1714 to 1727.

Interestingly, HRH Prince Franz, Duke of Bavaria, is the senior descendant of the English Catholic royal house. Hence, being an English royal highness.


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