Roundabout serves no purpose and should be removed

AN interesting project from the Fairlight Arts Trust for Pelham roundabout, for which it is to be commended, however some issues should be addressed.

Councillors gave their support for this project because this simply saves council money being spent on something, as your article rightly claims, ‘a popular feature of the town has in recent years begun to look tired and in need of improvement’, an understatement to say the 

Since one was able to drive from the former ‘Hastings Memorial’ through to Breeds Place via Wellington Place and Castle Street, the Pelham roundabout serves no useful purpose.

The eyesore is constantly under attack from articulated large goods vehicles attempting to negotiate the circular obstacle made difficult by inconsiderate illegal parking outside Iceland.

At a time when traffic congestion along Hastings seafront, between Warrior Square and The Bourne, during the summer months, appears to be increasing year on year, it would be fair to suggest a new road layout in this section would help ease the problem.

It is time to remove the roundabout and straighten the road and may be create new parking bays adjacent to Iceland through to Aquila House (council offices), useful.

Councillors like Jeremy Birch continue to place emphasis on and raise the profile in the cultural world.

Is not the Jerwood Gallery an attempt to do this?

‘Iconic Artwork in a prominent location’. I would suggest the Pelham roundabout is like ‘clutching’ at straws and not very convincing. Investment by the Fairlight Arts Trust would be better allocated to iconic art located in the much debated venue of St Mary-in-the-Castle or the Jerwood Gallery.

Finally, Cllr Peter Chowney, lead member for regeneration, commented, ‘This is a very exciting project’, certainly not a very exciting project for regeneration, his excitement in such a project is merely a desperate attempt at convincing the public of the Hastings Regeneration Programme by the current failing administration.


Essenden Road

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