Roundabout needed for Old Town

Pam Brown lambasts the council (Observer, March 20) for failing to provide a transport service along the seafront and for the parking confusion on busy weekends.

I myself recently watched traffic queuing to get out of The Stade car park late one Sunday afternoon and along to the A259. It was moving at a snail’s pace.

At one stage a roundabout was proposed for the foot of The Bourne. This if implemented would I believe make the junction of The Stade with the A259 work much more smoothly, given that the flow has ‘peaks and troughs’ which do not fit well with pre-set traffic lights. Also, and perhaps more important, the roundabout would give coaches which have picked up passengers from pickup points on the A259 opposite the boating lake a chance to turn. On a number of occasions I have seen such coaches drive up The Bourne and then turn by reversing dangerously into Roebuck Street.

Delivery lorries sometimes perform this manoeuvre too. Another manoeuvre I have occasionally observed is large vehicles turning by driving into the roadway beside the amusment arcade and then, even more dangerously, reversing out from there.

A roundabout here would allow for better traffic flow and greatly improve safety.

Michael Plumbe

Bourne Court

The Bourne