Roads solution is full of holes

OH dear what a mess, it starts with the approach to Rock-a-Nore car park.

The humps were put there at a cost we do not wish to know. But nature and the lack of maintenance has done a better job to slow the traffic with so many potholes.

We then turn towards the car park. Fine nice level concrete apron but not for long. We drive on to what resembles a war zone, I think the correct word that has been used is foxhole but they were smaller, and not so deep.

How our council has the nerve to erect meters and rob the poor motorist at this park beggars belief. There should be a tea bar, sales of wellies and car wash all free and ready for when we drive away.

Driving away with a nice clean car we see a lovely surfaced area to our left, empty and unused for most of the time. For those of you who do not know, this area, The Stade, was once a thriving area with coaches full of day-trippers, and a few cars if there was room, that is.

Evenings and overnight lorry drivers could park have a shower, bite to eat and kip down for the night at a local B & B. Not any more.

The coaches today free of passengers are dumped off at either The Cutter or Boating Lake Coach drop-off points. In the old days they would leave their coaches on The Stade for the day and be there for their passengers come home time.

But it was decided that a picture gallery would be best suited, destroying The Stade and dump all the paving, which if you think about it could have been reused at Rock-a-Nore car park.

I get the impression that Hastings Borough Council tourist department does not want our town to be a day-tripper’s paradise, and a bonus to all the businesses who cater for this type of trade.


Carnival chairman

The Ridge