Road will only create further bottlenecks

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I AM sorry to hear the link road might be now approved.

I find this scheme short-sighted in that all it will do is end up creating further problems at both ends, i.e, at The Ridgeway, and at the London Road junction, albeit subject to the exact junction layout and signal controls.

It will also cause problems from the London Road junction westwards, where even now the narrow section of road, with cars parked on the left-hand side (going west) causes problems for two-way traffic when large vehicles are in the traffic flow, but also the increased traffic flow when it hits the Little Common roundabout.

And what happens when the so-called development areas are constructed with a half a million sq ft business park and 1,300 houses, with all the additional associated lorries and cars?

If this link road goes ahead it alone will not solve the regeneration of either Hastings or Bexhill, without the full upgrading of the A21 to a decent dual carriageway over its entire length.

We need a decent roadway access to the M25 and London, which would be better carried out first.

This would not only prove to local people that both the Government and the county council mean to try and regenerate the area, but would also send out the right signals to business and companies to come to this area with good road access and facilities as local firms alone will not be able to provide all the regeneration and jobs required.

If this link road does go ahead let’s have a roundabout and access junctions built in at the crossing of the two. We need proposed development areas at the time the road is constructed, not later as an afterthought.

Don’t mention the cost: this could be charged later to the developers of these areas, as they would have to bear the construction costs as part of any development any way.


The Gorseway