Riot rumours just scaremongering

REGARDING the hoax riot that was supposedly due to hit Hastings this week, I received a text from someone I know which read: ‘Just to let you know there’s been a rumour that there is gonna be a riot in Hastings. please be safe guys just in case. I mean anything can happen’.

This could have been well meaning but I took it straight away that it was a sick joke.

Sadly it was enough to make many businesses close early, including Tesco which was closing all but one entrance and stashing away its TVs and so on.

Rumours included that Debenhams and Hastings train station were on fire and one even said the pier was on fire - the latter obviously from either a thicko or out-of-towner. Better to be safe than sorry.

Well done to Sussex Police, particularly Hastings, who were using Twitter, along with myself and other locals, to reassure people that there was absolutely nothing happening in our area.

The same rumours were circulating in Eastbourne, Brighton and right along the south coast.

These rioters and looters are scum and deserve everything possible throwing at them, legally I mean.


Dane Road

St Leonards