Rink rekindles spirit of Christmases past

WHAT a shame to read in the Hastings Observer that the festive ice rink is to cease after this year.

I can certainly understand the funding issue – but from the point of view of Christmas, it brought joy to many.

Not only to pay to get onto the ice, but it seemed to bring back Christmas of many years ago.

I lost my ex-husband whom I had just recently made peace with after undergoing a brain operation in March, 2009, and he had become quite ill during the first Christmas of the ice rink. I thought at the time how the jollity of it gave me peace and understanding.

What will next Christmas be like without it? Possibly back to the dullness that Hastings was before it came – or will Hastings Borough Council prove me wrong?

When you think of it, surely Hastings residents deserve this bit of excitement owing to all the council tax that is paid? Think of all the money that goes up in smoke (i.e. fireworks). Surely some of that could go to the expense of the ice rink?

In this day and age, surely we deserve this, instead of all the unrest and upset that we are surrounded by.


Stonehouse Drive