Ridge cut wrong

I AM writing to register the Conservative group on Hastings Borough Council’s and my own opposition to the planned changes proposed to The Ridge Fire Station.

Our concerns are that, while this may save the Fire Authority a vast amount of money, it is a cut to a vital front line service and will significantly increase the response times to residents in The Ridge area of the town and the surrounding villages.

I would suggest, if it is savings that the Fire Authority needs to make, perhaps they would like to consider the following:

1) Fire Authority members sacrificing their £87,000 overall allowance

2) Means testing for fire safety equipment e.g. smoke alarms

3) Selling on your services, as other Fire Authorities have done, such as training

At the last full council meeting in Hastings all members present voted for a joint motion calling on the Fire Authority not to, in effect, close this station.

I hope the Fire Authority will listen to the genuine concerns that have been raised by elected members but, perhaps more importantly, the concerns raised by the general public as well.


Leader of the Conservative Group

Hastings Borough Council