Richard, our GP, was amazing

WE are writing to you regarding the sudden death of Dr Richard Male, of Plaza Surgery.

Dr Male became our GP when he joined the practice at Wellington Square.

He was an amazing doctor, who always made time to listen to, and understand what patients were going through.

My husband has a very rare condition, of which not a lot is known. Dr Male researched it, and found the best possible way to treat it. If it was not for him, my husband would not be here today.

I also have medical problems, and when I went to see Richard, he always took the time to listen, understand, and never made me feel I was wasting his time.

He was always ready to have a chat, as sometimes he said that was better than any medication, and he was right. When my husband has bad flare ups, Richard was always there for us both, as he understood how it affected me also.

He went out of his way to try and make our quality of life better.

Whenever we visited the surgery, it was always full of people, waiting to see him alone, they were prepared to wait, sometimes two or more hours to see him, he really was that good. There was always a waiting time of up to two months to wait for him, but people would wait.

Not only was Richard our doctor, but he became a good friend also.

Richard was an amazing man. His death was a shock to many, and he will be sadly missed.

Our thoughts are with Sarah, his partner, also an amazing nurse, they shared the same compassion for their patients, a were a perfect match. Our thoughts are also with his family.


Harkness Drive