Rethink needed on the way Ofsted treats schools

I MUST concur with Michael Foster’s comments about Ofsted. I have now seen too many local good schools go under on this sacrificial altar.

I have nothing against raising standards but I have now seen too many people I know personally who are excellent teachers reduced to nothing, driven out of the profession or had their career ruined through no fault of their own other than being in the wrong school at the wrong time.

It’s time people came to realise this is nothing to do with standards it’s to do with the creeping privatisation (academisation) of our education system so that the rich friends of this government can each take a little share.

There is a lot more to education than English, maths and science yet I have seen good education be brushed aside so that these subjects get all the concentration because that is how the Government measures it.

If we treated students the way Ofsted treats schools we would be rightly criticised. It doesn’t work and is doing the opposite of what it was intended to do.

A major rethink is needed or we won’t have any decent teachers left just Ofsted automatons who know how to tick the rigid boxes.


Collier Road