Retention of nature reserve is more valuable

The Queensway Gateway road is being considered to alleviate road problems on the Ridge and A21, while creating ‘hundreds’ of jobs.

What is so alarming is that the possibility of spending up to £20 million of public money (on the road itself and the connected developments) can be thrown at this project, while we still seem to be speculating whether or not it’s ‘benefits’ will come to fruition.

I feel the councillors and planning committee do not seem to understand this concern. There were more than 500 objections, but this did not seem to be mentioned at the planning meeting.

What we are losing, a local nature reserve gone for good and only when we are 20 or 30 years down the line, will we wake up and realise that what we have lost is more valuable than the road and any of its added developments.

I wish we had a council that could lead us to a positive future and see beyond this backward and outdated approach to regeneration and problem solving.

Anthony Bradnum

Woodland Vale Road

St Leonards