Restore St Leonards swimming pool to its former glory

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

From: Anne Rooney, Homefield Road, Wimbledon Village, London

I grew up in St Leonards and went to the bathing pool at West St Leonards.

The St Leonards I grew up in was an elegant and vibrant town with good shops at Marine Parade, a Viennese Cafe, and Russell and Bromleys on the London Road.

The main attractions for the town was the outdoor bathing pool in St Leonards and the seawater-fed indoor pool on the seafront by the pier.

Hastings council destroyed both of these and the indoor pool became an ice-rink, I have no idea what it is now, but such a waste of a wonderful facility for holidaymakers on a rainy day.

Look at what Penzance has done with their outdoor Deco Pool on the seafront.

Despite being destroyed by a huge storm, the local people have raised enough money to have it renovated and have now installed a geothermal heating system and the pool will be open all year round providing an amazing benefit for the tourist trade.

They have produced a video which you can see on Cornwall Live.

Why is it not possible for Hastings council to re-open the pools and regenerate the town?

It is so sad to see the destruction of a once stunningly attractive town with amazing architecture.