Rest in peace, Danielle

AFTER reading the results of the inquest into Danielle Smith’s death (Observer, Februuary 21), myself and a few of her friends believe it didn’t paint her in a good light.

I have known Danielle since I was 15. Danielle was always a fiery bubbly character but always had that ‘lovable rogue’ sense about her.

I won’t pretend I was her best friend - I really wasn’t. We had our ups and downs but she never failed to make me laugh - even when we were arguing. It is true that Danielle went through some very troublesome times in the two years leading to her taking her own life. I guess a big part of that was not knowing she had so many friends she could turn to for support.

None of us who have ever crossed paths with Danielle will ever forget her - or her laugh. Rest in piece Danielle, you will be missed.


Cambridge Gardens