Residents were not ignored

WHILE I can understand the concerns surrounding the partly developed Undercliff site in St Leonards, the contribution of Richard Heritage under the column Residents Ignored is rather misleading.

I remember well the application for 22 flats on this site that was considered by the Hastings Borough Council Planning Committee on February 27, 2008 which were recommended for approval.

Stuart Rumsey (mentioned in your article) was the lead petitioner and spoke against that application. In the debate that followed, I remember stressing that if the application was turned down, the developer could simply revert to the 1966 planning permission and that would not be in the best interest of the local community.

The planning application was refused by five votes to four; I was one of the four. So Mr Heritage, far from residents being ignored, those who petitioned against a modern development won on that day and have since had to live with the consequences of that decision.

Planning histories of sites were then and still are important planning considerations.


Braybrooke Ward

Hastings Borough Council