Residents right to be concerned

PEOPLE living near The Ridge - and other areas - are right to be concerned about the increase in traffic if the Link Road is built (Calls for traffic calming on roads along The Ridge in advance of Link Road’, March 29).

East Sussex County Council’s own figures project a 25 per cent increase in traffic on The Ridge, 83 per cent on Queensway, and 61 per cent on Gillsman’s Hill.

This is before any increase in traffic resulting from the huge new housing and industrial development planned around the Bexhill end of the Link Road.

So while there may be some slight decrease in congestion along Bexhill Road at peak times, it is at the cost of hugely increased congestion in other areas of the town.

Junctions which would - according to the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road plans - be overcapacity include the junctions between Chowns Hill and The Ridge, Queensway and the BHLR, Harrow Lane and The Ridge - the list goes on and on.

The county council’s response to this is to promise improvements to two roundabouts, and beyond that, to rely on adjusted signal timings on trafffic lights, to reduce the pedestrian cycles.

In other words, it will be even more difficult to cross the road in these areas than it is already. This is particularly worrying along The Ridge, where there are several schools and a hospital.

In total, the Link Road, if built, will cost around £100 million. This is public money, money which could far better be spent on life-enhancing

measures than on a road which will simply move the traffic around, as well as devastating the Combe Haven Valley.

In a few years we may find that, like some residents of Bexhill Road now, people who live along The Ridge are calling for a new road to remove the traffic from in front of their houses.

We cannot build our way out of traffic jams; measures to reduce car use by making it easier for people to walk, cycle or use public transport, are the only long-term solution to the problems we face.


Milward Road